Blue Ridge Ferret Rescue 

AVailable Ferrets & Prices

For each ferret that comes into our rescue, will have a 2 week waiting period to make sure they can be put up for adoption. You may see a status and/or a term below:
  • None Available - We currently do not have any incoming/available for adoption.
  • Waiting Period - Newly surrendered ferret(s) in the rescue and are currently in the 2 week wait while we watch and examine health/behavior before we determine if they can be up for adoption. This can also be for SN ferrets that cannot be put up for adoption yet (if applicable).
  • NAR - Not at rescue (aka: Adoption Assistance Program) We help those who need to find a home for their ferrets, ONLY when we are full/do not have available fosters.
  • Pending - Someone is in the process of adopting, however it is possible they do not go through.
  • Adopted - the ferret is no longer available and was adopted from the rescue.
  • UTD/NOT UTD - Up to Date on Vaccinations or they are not (we try to get each ferret into the vet, however at times we may not be able to due to personal life reasons we may be experiencing.
  • EFO - Experienced Ferret Owner is only able to adopt
  • SN - Special Needs, that is currently sick, disabled, etc. (All SN ferrets approved for adoption will be able to get adopted by experienced ferret owners only.
  • FP - Ferret is in our foster program (currently being cared for in a foster home until adopted) (n/a until fostering begins in Mid - 2022)

*Day of Adoption, you will be handed the ferret information sheet and an Adoption Agreement that will need to be signed. A copy will go home with you and a copy stays with us*

Important information before adopting:

A fully submitted adoption form is needed before an adoption approval. Adoptions cannot be processed unless you submit a form and you are approved. Regarding scheduling an appointment, we do offer rescheduling for adoptions, however cannot reschedule more than 2 times.

    Adoption Fees

    All fees will be used for the Rescue only. For ex: medical costs, food, bedding, cages, and medications.

    Accepted Payments: Paypal, Zelle, Venmo & Cash. Square Magstripe Coming soon for Card payments


    page updated daily


    Need to be adopted together, unless otherwise stated.

    BAM BAM (AKA BAMS) - unAvailable due to PeBbles

    Adult - Male - Neutered

    Hi! I am Bam Bam, I am a 4 year old who loves to hunt my cat toys. I am paired with my sister Pebbles and enjoy cuddling up with her, although see other ferrets as annoying siblings, so I call myself an independent, casual kinda that will win your heart! With this, I do need to be with Pebbles and by myself. I am super playful and would fit into any family who would love to play with me. Just know I can be a little nippy when playing. Not UTD.

    PEBBLES - Currently Unavailable

    Senior/SN - Female - Spayed

    Hi! I am Pebbles; Bam Bam's older sister. I am about 6 years old and have old health issues so I sleep the majority of the day, but that doesn't stop me from being adorable and snuggling up with you.  I'm also great with anyone at any age! As an old lady, I take things slow and on my own terms, but continue to be the cutest, classy and unstoppable ferret out there. Not UTD. Pebbles is EFO: will only be able to be adopted with Bam Bam by someone who is experienced with ferrets/or is familiar with older ferrets.

    Single Males

    Simba - NAR - Pending

    Young - Male - Neutered

    Hi! I am Simba. I am a 9 month old sweet boy, who really loves to play. I promise I will keep you smiling and laughing when you are around me. I enjoy checking things out and inspecting everything I can, including blankets! Speaking of, I am a huge snuggler too. I love anyone and look forward to meeting my new family.

    Current owner requests that an adoption form is filled out and rehoming fee (if applicable) will ultimately be between you and the owner.

    Willie nelson - NAR - Available

    Adult - Male - Neutered

    My name is Willie Nelson. I’m around three years old. I’m gentle and laid back but still have plenty of energy to explore and play. I’ve been an only ferret and have had housemates and I am happy either way. I am most definitely not litter box trained or interested in using the same corner consistently…hey when ya gotta go ya gotta go. If you are interested in a cool companion and are patient with potty issues, please consider me ad your new family member!

    Current owner requests that an adoption form is filled out and rehoming fee (if applicable) will ultimately be between you and the owner.

    None available

    Single Females

    none available

    None available

    None available