Blue Ridge Ferret Rescue 

Please see below for an announcement regarding new closed days in 2022

Scheduling and Availability Calendar

Appointment Scheduling & Terms

To schedule an appointment, such as Rescue Visit, Surrender Drop Off, Adoption, Boarding or Daycare Drop Off/Pickup and Donation Drop Offs, please make sure to use and fill out the necessary form(s) from our form page. When reaching out, an appointment will be scheduled over email or text if we decide to move forward. If you need to cancel, please use the appointment email that will be sent to you and notify us if you need to reschedule, or will be early or late day of appointment. Once your booking has been approved and scheduled using our appointment application, you will receive updates via our app for reminders, including an email from us confirming your appointment at least 2 days before the boarding date. If we continue to reach out with no response and it reaches 8 am by Appointment Day, we will forward with canceling. Due to us running our Rescue out of our home, confirming and arriving at your scheduled times is extremely important.
Please know that all appointments will need to be scheduled for the next applicable day depending on our rescue schedule availability regardless of the type of visit, including Donation Drop Offs. No matter the appointment, they need to be scheduled a day in advance. We do not schedule same day unless it is an emergency and/or we are able to, due to us running the rescue in our home. 

Below is our BRFR calendar and lists days available and days we are unable to accept ferrets for any occasion or schedule appointments. Please know we have a personal life behind the rescue and at times it is important for us to take care of ourselves for the days we are unavailable. Please refer here when scheduling boarding, daycare, adoption dates, surrenders and visits. Availability can change often or unexpectedly. When submitting a form for boarding or daycare, we will review the days and times chosen to make sure we are not booked. 
Please refer to our scheduling terms above about appointments.


Surrender Capacity: Full


We are expecting our little one to arrive in September this year. With this, we are going to be temporarily closed/unavailable for all rescue visits, adoptions, boarding, daycare and surrenders for all of September and October, and parts of August, November and December. This also means we have to limit the amount of ferrets we can take in. These dates are subject to change depending on my health and capabilities when the time comes. We appreciate the understanding!

What if we are unavailable/booked on your interested days?

In the times we are unable to board your ferret(s) due to space, availability and emergencies; we have located some other vet offices and boarding centers that do exotic boarding below, along with their clickable links, location and number. They are arranged in South Carolina and surrounding states. If any of the listed places no longer board ferrets or you know of a boarding that is not listed, please let us know via our contact page.

HealthPointe Veterinary Clinic- Duncan, SC  - (864) 486-8177

Exotic Vet Care - Mount Pleasant, SC - (843) 216-8387

Avian & Exotic Animal Care - Raleigh, NC - (919) 844-9166

LifeTime Pets - Fayetteville, NC - (910) 864-3457

GreyHaven Exotic Pet Boarding -  Madison, TN - (615) 594-3636

For Pet's Sake Animal Hospital - Decatur, GA - (404) 248-8977

Pender Exotics Veterinary - Fairfax, VA - (703) 591-3304

Nova Pets Health Center - Chantilly, VA - (571) 701-2616