Blue Ridge Ferret Rescue 


BRFR Fostering Program

Interested? Reach out to us and in the subject put Foster Program. When the time comes we can send a notice and steps on how to get started! Unsure if fostering with BRFR is the what you want to do? Read below! 
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Trial Ferret Ownership

Let's you feel for what it is like to own a ferret or two before adopting without actually owning them. Gives you the opportunity to see if you are ready to own another pet.

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Ferret companion

Don't want to commit to owning a ferret but want to still care for them? This allows you to do just that!

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Non-Profit Help 

If you just love animals and want to help a non-profit, this would be a great fit. A great learning and exciting opportunity Can even communicate with other foster families!

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Increase Adoption Chance

Fostering gives you the opportunity to help spread the word, help train, and care for a ferret, which can increase the adoption rate for each ferret!

Fostering Process

When you foster with BRFR, you are going to be one of the important factors on getting your ferret adopted. Here is a brief overview on what this process from, picking up your ferret and getting he/she adopted.
  1. Submit a fostering application form

  2. Get Application Approved

  3. Home Inspection (In-Person or Zoom)

  4. Read and Sign Foster Guide Packet after approval of home inspection and home has been fully approved after changes if applicable

  5. Get Final Approval for Fostering

  6. Sign Foster Paperwork

  7. Pick a ferret to foster from Foster Emails that are sent

  8. Meet & Greet with ferret

  9. Go home with ferret

  10. Promote, Care and Spread the word about your ferret being available for adoption

  11. Get ferret adopted

  12. Pick up another ferret