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Whether you are experienced or a new ferret owner. We are here to provide you answers to any questions you may have!

Ferret Care. All you need to know.

We understand the all the questions or concerns you may have and are happy to help. Provided below is information from basic care, to biting procedures, bathing, and more. Still have questions? Be sure to contact us! We understand there is a lot of information to learn. Included at the bottom are printable sheet with BRFR Ferret Care Sheets you may print out whenever you may like.
Litter -

At BRFR we use either Equisticat Naturals Paper Pellet Litter, or any brand paper litter. Avoid using bedding commonly seen at pet stores and use for hamsters, gerbils, etc. as well as avoid using wood shavings.

Food -

Food can be a tricky choice depending on you and your ferret(s) preferences. We go over more in depth in our Ferret Fact sheet, however we recommend Wysong Epigen 90, ORIJEN, Canagan (UK Brand) or Ziwi Peak Air Dried Cat Food (chicken, venison, lamb) for kibble feeding. Or for a Raw fed, an 80/10/10 mixture. (Aka. 80% meat, 10% bones, 10% organs. Ferrets are hunters and a raw feeding is highly recommended. Meats can be from Rabbit, Game Birds, Turkey, Heart, Neck, Liver, Kidney, Lamb, and more. Try to avoid using Marshalls food and treats, unless the ferret can only eat them. They contain inappropriate sugars and fats that are unhealthy to ferrets. You can slowly add one of the foods above to their Marshalls if they refuse to eat anything else. To add a raw treat or meal addition, we like to use Primal Raw Toppers - Butcher's Blend. We use the Chicken, Lamb, and Turkey blends.


Providing enrichment and toys for your ferrets is important! This helps their exercise and hunting instincts. Providing raw meals is great enrichment, however what if your ferret does not like raw meals? Don’t worry! Here are some toys and enrichment items you can provide: Cat toys, ferret tubes or we like to use Corrugated Drainage Pipes (from Lowes) for tunnels, hard/tough rubber dog toys, Dig Pits (we use plastic tubs full of uncooked/hard beans), Plastic Ball or plastic egg pits, water filled tubs, Ice cubes in water bowls, and toys that move. All provide great enrichment for your fuzz butts, just be sure to supervise.

Cages -

Cage setups are one of the most important. We recommend using either Critter Nation, Feisty Ferret or Ferret Nation cages as they are safe to your ferrets, but just make sure to cover wire bottoms as they can hurt their feet on the bare metal. Other cages can be bendable plastic that they can squeeze through, are too small or do not have enough levels. It is important to have plenty of ladders and ramps for them to climb on. Double Critter, Feisty Ferret or Ferret Nation cages are fit for 2 adult ferrets. If you have more, it is highly recommended to use an add on cage. Avoid buying cat cages or other metal cages unless you absolutely know how to properly ferret proof and modify to make them safe.

Bathing - 

Bathing should really only be done a few times a year due to a ferret's sensitive skin. Constantly bathing with soaps can cause irritation, fur loss, itchy skin, and pull their natural oils away. Here at BRFR, we make an all-natural Oatmeal shampoo, or sometimes the method of the oatmeal sock for tub play. Oatmeal shampoo helps not only with dry, itchy skin, allergies, but also any clogged pores in their tails that gives them "rat tail". 

Ferret Care Sheet  

ADDITIonal Ferret Care Help sheets

Attached here are additional or in depth sheets that can be printed out whenever you need it! Remember, if you have any questions about a certain product, etc., be sure to ask either a ferret rescue such as us, or even the ferret community! It is always best to be safe than sorry.

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